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8 Signs Your Car Air Conditioner Needs A ReGas or Repair

Car air conditiong repair

Evidence of an Unhealthy Car Air Conditioner

There are a few key signs and symptoms that you need a car air conditioning re-gas, air conditioning repair, or a refridgerant refill.

1. The Obvious: Not Cooling Down

The most common symptom of a vehicle air conditioning issue is that you have noticed a gradual loss in the overall cooling capability of the A/C system.

You may notice that:

  • The air is not blowing as cold as it was before.
  • The air is not actually cold air at all.

If your car air conditioning isn’t as cold as it once was, this is a telltale sign. However, it can easily be solved by simply booking in to have your car air conditioning re-gassed.

2. AC Makes Weird Noises

When you turn on your A/C you should only hear the fan blowing cool air. If instead you can hear a banging, rattling or squealing sound, that is a bad sign.

Your A/C may need a re-gas or there may be an issue with the fan.

3. Bad Smell

If you turn on your vehicles air conditioning and you notice a bad smell, you need get this checked out. An unpleasant smell often indicates that mould is growing inside the system.

This ful smell or musty smelling air is not safe for adults or children to breathe and should be checked immediately.

4. The windows take longer to demist

If your windscreen and/or interior windows are taking longer than usual to demist, it’s possible that your air conditioning system needs re-gassing.

Foggy windows impede your visibility and they can make driving quite dangerous. If this is something you are experiencing, book in as soon as you can to have your AC system looked at.

5. Refrigerant leaks onto your garage floor

If you can see liquid appearing on the ground underneath your parked car, it may be a sign of a refrigerant leak.

Look under the bonnet and see if you can spot any other leaks. Refrigerant leaves a glossy film on parts of your cooling system and can be spotted on hoses and fittings if it’s leaking.

Early detection of leaks can prevent greater problems for your vehicle in the future.

6. You can’t recall when your system was last re-gassed

Most modern vehicles need to be regassed every two years so it’s important to get regular maintenance.

The amount of time you spend driving will affect the frequency of air conditioing servicing and re-gassing. The more you drive, the more often your air conditioner will need to be serviced.

If you can’t remember the last time you had your cars AC regassed, there’s a good chance it is overdue.

7. Either yourself or a friend has performed a re-gas on your car air conditioning

If you’ve followed a YouTube video to re-gas your vehicle yourself or had a friend perform a ‘backyard’ regas, your car’s air conditioning system performance may have been adversely affected.

Cheaper vehicle re-gassing solutions may have used incorrect refrigerants that are unsuitable for your vehicle. This can be potentially hazardous and even highly flammable.

8. Weak or Restricted Air Flow

A weak airflow coming out of your car’s air conditioner means that the air is having trouble reaching your air vents.

This can be caused by things like:

  • an accumulated mould or mildew in the evaporator core;
  • loose blower hose;
  • burnt out ventilation fan;
  • opened core case seals;
  • blower house seals;
  • evaporator core case seals.

If you suspect this is the issue, get it checked out by a local car air conditiong expert.


Re-Gas Your Cars Air Conditioning on the Gold Coast – $95

Car air conditioning refrigerant is a critical part of any car’s cooling system.

Ensure your passengers are safe and comfortable when riding in your vehicle. Get your car’s air conditioning system re-gassed today by Adam at Labrador Auto Electrics.

Adam offers a range of auto air conditioning services as well as replacements, repairs and maintenance.

If you reside on the Gold Coast in QLD and your car’s air con is not cool enough, it’s time to book in or call Adam on (07) 55 377 614.



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