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Car Air Conditioning Condensor Replacement & Repairs

Car air conditioning system showing the AC condensor

Your car’s air conditioner relies on the AC condensor to cool the AC refrigerant before it is circulated around the cabin of the vehicle.

The air conditioning condensor usually fails due to damage from rocks and road debris. Impact damage while driving can puncture the condenser causing the air conditioning refrigerant to leak out.

Condensor’s can also be impacted by the failure of other car air conditioner components, such as the AC compressor. If the compressor fails, this can cause your condensor to become blocked up and stop working.

Whatever the cause, theiremay be multiple components (including your AC condensor) that need repair / replacement to get your car air conditiong working properly again.

We Can Help

At Labrador Auto Electrics, we will provide you with a fast and reliable diagnosis and repair of your car air conditioning on the Gold Coast.

 It’s time to book in or call now on (07) 55 377 614.

Signs Your AC Condensor Is Faulty

There are two common symptoms that your condensor needs to be repaired or replaced:

  • Air conditioning not as cold as normal;
  • Air conditioning not working at all, it will blow air but not cold air.

The problem is, these symptoms also appear for a range of other issues relating to your car’s air conditioning system. It is best to have an expert (like Adam at Labrador Auto Electrics) to investigate and diagnose the issue.

Adam has successfully diagnosed and replaced AC condensors in just about every make and model of motor vehicle that you can imagine.

Our Gold Coast climate is warm and the summer can be intense – therefore, it’s essential to have your car air conditioning blowing cold air.

Frequently Asked Questions

Q: Do I need to replace my broken AC condensor?

A: If you want your car to be cool and comfortable on a hot day, you need a functioning condensor for your air conditioning to work at all.

Q: Can a broken AC condensor cause any safety issues?

A: A broken condensor won’t cause any  major safety issues.

Q: Can you re-gas my car air conditioner?

A: Yes we can. Read more about this on air conditioning re-gas service page.

Q: Can I replace the AC condensor myself at home?

A: It is not recommended. AC refrigerant should always be recovered and handled safely by a certified technician as releasing it into the environment will cause harm.

See a professional and avoid wasted money and needless repairs. A leak elsewhere in the AC system can present like a failed condensor and cause you to misdiagnose the root of the problem.

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At Labrador Auto Electrics, we have been servicing customers in Labrador, Runaway Bay, Helensvale, Coombabah, Arundel, Southport, Oxenford & Biggera Waters for over 20 years.

We can diagnose and fix broken AC condensors and have your car’s air conditioning blowing nice cold air again.

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