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Anderson Plug Installation Gold Coast

Anderson Plug

Are you looking for a safer and more convenient alternative to charging an auxiliary battery and camping equipment?

Installing an Anderson plug in your tow vehicle is the most effective solution to powering the various electrical accessories in your caravan or trailer such as lights, fridge, water pump and radio as well as to keep your auxiliary battery charged while driving.

Get your Anderson plug installed and wired to your vehicle by an experienced auto electrician and contact Adam from Labrador Auto Electrics on the Gold Coast. With over 20 years of experience, we specialise in supplying and fitting Anderson plugs to all types of vehicles.

Read on to learn more about what an Anderson plug is, how it works and why more campers and 4×4 owners are making the switch.

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What is an Anderson plug?

An Anderson plug is an electrical component used in 12-volt dual battery systems, primarily used by campers on their vehicles, caravans and camper trailers to connect devices that use high-current circuits.

The main functions are to charge caravan batteries while driving, to power camping accessories and appliances, and connect/recharge auxiliary batteries with solar panels.

What does an Anderson plug do?

An Anderson plug is a practical modification often requested for 4×4 electrical, caravans and camper trailers.

The most common applications include:

  • Charging circuits (i.e. charging an auxiliary battery)
  • 12-Volt accessory power alternative
  • Powering the Electronic Stability Control (ESC) System
  • Solar panel connection for battery top-ups

Charging Circuits

The most common use of the Anderson plug is for vehicle-to-trailer connections or charging circuits, where the Anderson plug connects your towing vehicle’s battery or alternator to an auxiliary battery in a caravan or trailer so that it can be charged while the vehicle is driven to your destination.

The Anderson plug ensures you can safely pass greater charge through to your caravan or trailer’s battery charge system and keep them charged up while driving.

12-Volt Power Source

With a secure locking design, the plugs can also be used as an alternative to the cigarette lighter socket as a source of 12-volt power for electrical accessories such as fridges and air compressors. This secure connection is useful when venturing off-road on bumpy tracks.

ESC Power

Anderson plugs provide a secure connection between the vehicle’s battery and the Electronic Stability Control (ESC) system in a caravan or trailer that is in tow. If your caravan requires power to the ESC, we can install an Anderson plug to your tow bar.

Solar Panel Power

The use of solar panels to power accessories while camping is becoming increasingly popular and the Anderson plug provides an effective means of connecting solar panels, through a regulator, to recharge and top up the vehicle’s batteries while at campsites.

Anderson Plug Installation Specialists

Labrador Auto Electrics are specialists in Anderson plug installs and can advise on the right size and type of plug for your vehicle and lifestyle.

Our services include:

  • 50-amp Anderson plug – With Brake Controller Install Option
  • 50-amp Anderson plug – Stand Alone Job Option
  • (ESC) Red 50amp Anderson Plug Set up – With Brake Controller Install Option
  • (ESC) Red 50amp Anderson Plug Set up – Stand Alone Job Option

For a hassle-free and reliable service, contact us today on (07) 55 377 614.

Benefits of an Anderson plug

Why should you get an Anderson plug? An Anderson plug is a versatile electrical component that is a safer, more convenient and more durable alternative to the standard 12-pin plug.

Recharging an auxiliary battery at a campsite can require running the vehicle engine all day. An Anderson plug eliminates the need to do this as it effectively charges the battery while driving and allows the battery to be recharged easily via solar panels. This ultimately saves on petrol costs and unnecessary noise involved in running the engine.

The Anderson plug also eliminates the risk of connecting cables getting loose on Electronic Stability Control (ESC) systems with the secure locking design, even when driving on the roughest off-road landscape.

And finally, the Anderson plug is designed to handle a continuous charging load. Standard 12-pin plugs are not designed to handle high charging loads from modern alternators, and can actually start to melt from a continuous high charging load.

FAQ / Answers

Do I need an Anderson Plug?

If you have a camper or caravan or plan on using an auxiliary battery when camping, the answer is “yes”.

It’s likely you already have an Anderson plug installed in your caravan or trailer, so all you will need to do is have a plug installed in your vehicle and wired by an auto electrician.

The types of Anderson plugs & how to choose

Anderson plugs and connectors are available in a limited range of colours and sizes, from 50A to 350A, and most commonly red and grey.

It’s important to note the colours as they must match – i.e. a red plug must connect to another red plug, grey plug with another grey plug and so forth. The bigger the current, the bigger the Anderson plug you’ll need.

Different coloured plugs are typically only utilised to help the owner connect the correct accessory or application to the correct circuit. It’s common to use the red Anderson plug for your ESC system and the grey one for your charge feed.

Labrador Auto Electrics can help you determine what type of Anderson plug will best suit your needs.

Are Anderson plugs waterproof?

Anderson plugs are weatherproof however owners can purchase specifically designed covers for added protection against the elements.

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